The StAAHR Team

StAAHR brings together an international team of researchers from different disciplines: microbiologists, molecular biologists, clinicians, statisticians, epidemiologists, sociologists, anthropologists, and geographers working with community leaders and policy makers to translate research into benefits for society.

The team has organically evolved through various research consortia between University of St Andrews and African research institutions, and will continue to grow to bring in partners from different parts of Africa.

Within this interactive team, a range of different collaborative projects take place: biomedical scientists and clinicians are working with social scientists to map patient treatment-seeking pathways and their linkage to antimicrobial resistance; geographers are analysing the geospatial relationships between antibiotic provision, population and antibiotic resistance; molecular microbiologists are deploying traditional microbiological methods to solve the challenges of contamination in tuberculosis laboratories; and computational biologists are applying Bayesian network analysis to model the system of antimicrobial resistance.

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