Wilber Sabiiti

Dr. Wilber Sabiiti is a biomedical scientist with interest in translational research, working on the interface of applied biological science and healthcare provision. His work takes a holistic approach from primary discovery and optimization in the laboratory to addressing barriers of translating biomedical research innovations into policy and practice. Achieving this kind of work requires interdisciplinary approach and expertise, which he has achieved by bringing together international minds in various research consortia primary between UK and Africa but also continental Europe, Asia and North America.

In recent years, his group has focused on the development and optimization of rapid tests for quantification of bacteria responsible for tuberculosis (TB) disease and exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This work has resulted in the tuberculosis Molecular Bacterial Load Assay (TB-MBLA), the first ever fully quantitative test for quantifying patient TB bacterial load and measuring the change of this load as patient responds to treatment. Working with interdisciplinary team of researchers from UK, USA and East Africa, we are investigating the biological and socioeconomic drivers of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and more recently the impact of COVID-19 on antibiotics use and risk of AMR rise.

Besides research he teaches introductory epidemiology & TB pathology, diagnosis and treatment to Bachelor of Medicine- and Interdisciplinary approaches to solving global health challenges to Master of International development- students. He belongs to several international learned societies and member of several professional committees and/or panels: Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Academic Adviser panel, UK NIHR College of Experts for the Global Coalition on COVID-19, Global COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition Virology, Immunology & Diagnostics Working group, TDR/WHO AMR Knowledge management consultant and Newton fund Biomedical Science reviewer panel.