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Science Discovery Day

On Saturday 10th of March the School of Medicine participated in the University of St Andrews Science Discovery Day 2018 with two science stalls; one on human balance and reaction times and one on human bones and joints.

Anatomy Course

On Tuesday 14th of October 2017, the Dissection Room and the Clinical Skills Suite hosted a one-day integrated clinical anatomy course for the NHS Scottish Paediatric Physiotherapist Injectors for Focal Spasticity…

Dundee Science Festival 2017

On Saturday 28th of October 2017, Dr Ourania Varsou, Dr Filip Zmuda and Mr Henry Rae participated in the Dundee Science Festival 2017 with the ‘Amazing Brains’ event under the theme ‘How Do Our Bodies Work? Find Out!’.

Space School

On Saturday the 13th of May 58 P6 children took part in Space School at the School of Medicine.