Anatomy Course

Friday 10 November 2017

Scottish Paediatric Physiotherapist Injectors for Focal Spasticity Anatomy Course

Dr Ourania Varsou, Dr Robert Humphreys & Mr Fraser Chisholm

On Tuesday 14th of October 2017, the Dissection Room and the Clinical Skills Suite hosted a one-day integrated clinical anatomy course for the NHS Scottish Paediatric Physiotherapist Injectors for Focal Spasticity group. The course started with a clinically-applied review of the relevant anatomy using the School’s prosection collection led by Dr Ourania Varsou and Mr Fraser Chisholm.  The course then involved ultrasound-guided injection of soft-fixed embalmed muscles using a staining ink that, on later dissection, was used to assess the accuracy of the attendees’ injection technique.  The course concluded with a living anatomy session in the Clinical Skills Suite led by Dr Robert Humphreys during which the attendees used the ultrasound machines to further enhance their scanning skills and consolidate their learning. This integrated anatomy course was well-received with positive feedback from the attendees.



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