Science Discovery Day

Monday 19 March 2018

School of Medicine at Science Discovery Day 2018

Harriet Coxon (University of St Andrews), Claire Fitton (University of Dundee), Henry Rae (University of St Andrews), Ourania Varsou (University of St Andrews)

On Saturday 10th of March the School of Medicine participated in the University of St Andrews Science Discovery Day 2018 with two science stalls; one on human balance and reaction times and one on human bones and joints. Hands-on interactive demos were used to explore relevant scientific concepts with the audience. The demos included an augmented reality T-shirt, a swing balance box, and human bones with prostheses.  The stalls were well received with excellent feedback from attendees of all ages.

Dr Ourania Varsou showing how the human organs work with an interactive app at the Science Discovery Day on 10th March.

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