Dundee Science Festival 2017

Monday 30 October 2017

Dundee Science Festival 2017 – How Do Our Bodies Work? Find Out! – Amazing Brains Event

Dr Ourania Varsou (University of St Andrews), Dr Filip Zmuda (University of Dundee) & Mr Henry Rae (University of St Andrews)

On Saturday 28th of October 2017, Dr Ourania Varsou, Dr Filip Zmuda and Mr Henry Rae participated in the Dundee Science Festival 2017 with the ‘Amazing Brains’ event under the theme ‘How Do Our Bodies Work? Find Out!’.  A variety of hands-on scientific demos were used to explain neurons and the human brain.  The audience had the opportunity to make neurons using plasticine and googly eyes, draw neurons on their hands using face paint, understand the development of the human brain from birth to adulthood using science slime, and finally explore difficult concepts using plastic anatomical models.  Making a neuron proved to be a hit for adults and children!


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