Primary Eye Care

To reduce needless blindness the WHO World Report on Vision recommends eye care to be universally accessible.

All member states are consequently encouraged to include Primary Eye Care within general health care service provision.

This is to ensure that ophthalmic knowledge, skills and diagnostic tools become a routine part of health delivery at all levels of the care system.

World Vision Report Cover

To help achieve this the Arclight Project has developed a range of PEC training materials and equipment. These include:

Atoms Cards

Atoms course cards


Posters of examinations and procedures

Instructional videos of examinations and procedures


A Range of primary eye care tools

The educational content is based on the WHO PEC manual for Africa and cover the topics of:

History taking for:

  • red eye
  • loss of vision
  • eye lid disease
  • childhood presentations

Examination of:

  • visual acuity
  • pupils
  • front of the eye
  • fundal (aka ‘red’) reflex


  • Visual Acuity Charts for Near and Distance
  • Measuring Tape
  • Arclight ophthalmoscope
  • Wilson loupe and otoscope

How to perform eye care procedures:

  • clean an eye
  • apply a warm compress
  • irrigate an eye
  • epilation
  • remove a foreign body
  • instil drops and ointment
  • make and apply a pad and shield
  • dispense near glasses
  • guide someone with sight loss

If you would like to use these resources for primary eye care programmes please get in touch by email: