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Inclusive Eye Health through Primary Eye Care

To reduce needless blindness the WHO World Report on Vision recommends eye care to be universally accessible.

All member states are consequently encouraged to include Primary Eye Care within general health care service provision.

This is to ensure that ophthalmic knowledge, skills and diagnostic tools become a routine part of health delivery at all levels of the care system.

Arclight Project Primary Eye Care Training

In response to this we have developed a collection of low cost yet effective eye examination devices (Wilson & Arclight), visual acuity tools and tape measure as well as and educational resources aligned to the World Health Organisation’s Primary Eye Care Manual. 

The purpose of these resources is to enable those working in both high and low resource settings to equip, train and empower health care workers of all grades to more confidently diagnose, manage and refer eye disease. 

The content is based on the WHO Primary Eye Care manual for Africa but expanded to include the diagnostic and training potential of the solar powered diagnostic devices and simulation tools. The videos and posters for delivering primary eye care workshops can be viewed and downloaded from the links below.

The resources have been used in workshops in low resource settings in collaboration with several of the major eye care NGOs. Evaluation of the tools and resources have also been published in the peer reviewed literature: 

Arclight Project Package Research Evidence Base 

We would be delighted for you to use these resources in your training and share with other colleagues working in this area. Please contact us if you with to collaborate or purchase any tools: [email protected] and [email protected].