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For low- and middle-income country orders or enquiries please email [email protected].

A pocket all-in-one ophthalmoscope-loupe-otoscope for the 21st century. No replacing blown bulbs, no worrying if the battery is dead – ideal for low resource countries and also as a backup or training tool. For novices (students, health workers), the occasional user with some familiarity (doctors, nurses), to specialists (ophthalmologists, optometrists).

Key features

  • EASY TO USE – multiple features. Intuitive operation. View the optic nerve or ear drum first time with no fuss.
  • PORTABLE – shirt pocket or around the neck. For a detailed view of the anterior segment, eyelids and skin.
  • SOLAR POWER – charge in a few hours – for a ‘normal’ day’s work or a week of casual use.
  • LED – precise diagnosis needs outstanding illumination. Low in infra-red and ultra-violet for comfort and safety.
  • USB – indoors or poor light – plug and go with a modern USB C.

The Global Health Team in St Andrews have supported the long term development of the Arclight through research and helping to train health-care workers in a variety of settings.

How to change modes:

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