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St Andrews Parkrun

St Andrews Parkrun lured Freshers and returning students to the park on Saturday with the promise of a bacon roll for runners.

World Cancer Congress

Dr Gozde Ozakinci will speak at the World Cancer Congress in a session titled “The Cancer Prevention Initiative: A model for increasing capacity in policy translatable behavioral and lifestyle research”.

Explorathon 2016

Two current PhD students, Pelin Ozgur Polat and Rachel Nutt will participate in the Explorathon European Researchers Event taking place 30th September-1st October.

St Andrews Parkrun

First year St Andrews medics led the way in demonstrating the importance of exercise when it comes to maintaining health and wellbeing.

Parkrun research

Dr Gozde Ozakinci presented the findings from the 'parkrun' research project at the Cancer Research UK Showcase event