Parkrun Research: First Timers Initiative

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Parkrun is a free, timed, 5k running event that happens across the country in many parks ( on Saturday mornings. It is open to everybody irrespective of ability and people can walk the distance or run it.


2560Dr Gozde Ozakinci’s work with the local parkrun research team is already leading to positive impact in the community! Funded by Cancer Research UK’s Cancer Prevention in Harder to reach groups, the project involved surveys and interviews. The findings showed that some people think that parkrun is for experienced runners. In an effort to dispel this myth and spread the inclusive ethos of parkrun, the local research team which includes the Event Coordinator Gary Ovenstone is starting the First Timers Initiative. This Saturday’s parkrun in Craigtoun Park, volunteers will meet newcomers to parkrun at the gate and will run with them if they wish to have company. There will be no fear of finishing last as there will be tail runners who make sure everyone finishes before them. This initiative will be repeated every couple of  months which aims to increase physical activity participation at the community level.


contact: Dr Gozde Ozakinci


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