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Charlie Chung



Charlie Chung is the Allied Health Professions Stroke Strategic Lead for Lothian and is an occupational therapist by background. He has worked in stroke rehabilitation in acute, sub-acute and community settings for over 25 years and delivered a post-stroke cognition clinic in recent years. Graduating in 1990 from Queen Margaret University in occupational therapy, Charlie worked in physical and mental health settings in both the NHS and local authority. During five years of working in the USA, he developed his specialty in stroke rehabilitation and on returning to the UK in 2001, completed his MSc and PhD with research focusing on executive function and cognitive rehabilitation after stroke. He was the lead author of the Cochrane review, “Cognitive rehabilitation for executive dysfunction in adults with stroke or other adult non-progressive acquired brain damage”.

In addition to working with stroke survivors towards goals of regaining their participation in their valued activities and roles (occupations), Charlie has a passion for delivering training to equip other clinicians with the knowledge and skills to offer cognitive rehabilitation to their service users. He has delivered his executive function and cognitive rehabilitation workshops across the UK, Canada and Australia and takes great care in ensuring that these are interactive with attendees becoming knowledgeable in the practical application of their learning for rehabilitation. Workshops are designed for multi-professional audiences and for occupational therapy specific groups and continually draw upon the real-life scenarios from Charlie’s clinical work. He is delighted to have the opportunity to work with the University of St Andrews to deliver these workshops as part of the short course programme.