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World TB Day

Professor Stephen Gillespie, Sir James Black Chair of Medicine, has been interviewed about tuberculosis for the Lancet Respiratory Medicine World TB day issue that is now available.

Genomics and Clinical Bacteriology Course

Stephen Gillespie will be convening the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute on the Advanced Course “Genomics and Clinical Bacteriology” from 22nd-27th January.

SLIC device beats bugs

Medical scientists at the University of St Andrews have won a prestigious international award for a breakthrough that could help the fight against antibiotic resistance.

New trials offer hope for TB treatment

Researchers at the School of Medicine are one step closer to finding a shorter, more effective treatment for TB, according to a new paper published by The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

TWENDE Knowledge Translation

The TWENDE Knowledge Translation (KT) training recently started at the School of Medicine University of St. Andrews.

European Medicines Agency

Professor Stephen Gillespie will give a presentation to the European Medicines Agency on 25 November.