Experimental Biology 2022 Conference

Thursday 28 April 2022
Dr Morag Mansley and Struan Loughlin pictured at the Experimental Biology Conference

Dr Morag Mansley and Struan Loughlin attend Experimental Biology 2022 Conference

The University of St Andrews’ Dr Morag Mansley and Struan Loughlin attended the 2022 Experimental Biology conference, which returned to its pre-pandemic in-person format. The conference was held from the 2nd to the 5th of April, at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre, Philadelphia, USA.

Dr Mansley, lecturer at the School of Medicine and Struan Loughlin, PhD student, attended the conference as members of the American Physiological Society (APS). Dr Mansley, who sits on the steering committee of the Epithelial Transport special interest group (ETG), co-organised the one-day pre-EB ETG meeting and chaired the Steve Hebert ETG prize session during the main meeting. The pre-meeting provided a platform for early-career researchers to present their works and was an opportunity for Struan to present the findings of his accepted abstract entitled: Interrogation of Novel Aldosterone-induced Genes Associated with Acute Stimulation of ENaC in Primary Collecting Duct Cells. During the main meeting, Struan presented a poster and had the chance to chat with other scientists for the full two-hour session.

Describing his experience in this his first-ever conference presentation, Struan praised the supportive environment and networking opportunities created by the ETG. He also highlighted the impact of the “Work in Progress” talks organized within the School’s Cellular Medicine Research Division that helped prepare him for his presentation on the big stage.

Dr Mansley and Struan were grateful to have received partial funding for the trip from the University of St Andrews, with Struan also receiving a Travel Grant from The Physiological Society.

Happy to go back to in-person conferences, Dr Mansley relished the opportunity to relate on a more personal level with scientists around the world. “I was able to reconnect with two of my career mentors after having not seen them in person for over three years”, she shared. “As a new PI in St Andrews, this conference was important for me as I gained visibility presenting a prize lecture and co-organizing the pre-meeting. I also got to network with other PIs including those that started during the pandemic, and we could share stories and struggles”, she added. The in-person format also allowed for a more active engagement and exchange of ideas, enabling members to get the most out of the conference.

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