Diabetes meeting

Thursday 13 January 2022

A Research and Clinical Update on Metformin in Diabetes Management — Expanding Benefits”. 

The meeting was for diabetes specialist doctors from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. 110 doctors signed in for 90 minute seminar which consisted of lectures followed by an interactive question and answer session. 


Topics included prediabetes, new thoughts on management of heart and renal failure in type 2 diabetes, the potential benefits of metformin in diabetes patients with COVID-19, and an  update of ongoing trials with metformin in both dementia and aging. Professor Campbell and his colleague from Amersham, Dr Harry Howlett, each gave two lectures and then answered the many questions from the participating diabetologists. 


This is the second seminar in the past year for Middle East diabetes specialists led by Professor Campbell on behalf of the Medical School. The meetings were supported by an educational grant from Merck Serono Middle East. 



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