NHS Heroes Art Exhibition

Monday 16 May 2022
Dr Panna Muqit’s portrait by Sarah Flanaghan

Dr Panna Muqit, Year 1 GCM on the ScotGEM programme at the School of Medicine has been featured in an art exhibition by the artist Sarah Flanaghan entitled ‘Portraits from an Artist in Isolation  (Real People, Real Heroes)’. It was held at Southwell Minister between March and April 2022 and D Muqit was one of only 49 frontline workers whose portrait was exhibited.

The artist commented, “I have painted them in a literal, contemporary way echoing the illustrative field of the cartoon and comic which so often contain our accepted interpretation of superheroes, these people are the true heroes.” Dr Muqit said that she was “honoured to take part and be included in this poignant exhibition marking such an unusual and significant time for us all”.

There are links available to more information about the exhibition at Southwell Minster and also a video tweeted by BBC Radio Nottingham.


Sarah Flanaghan’s Portraits from an Artist in Isolation (Real People, Real Heroes)

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