Mansley group members present at ERCSG 2024

Friday 12 April 2024
High Leigh Conference Centre, the bucolic setting of ERCSG 2024.

Lecturer Dr Morag Mansley and her PhD student Morag Milne both presented talks at the 36th Annual Meeting of the European Renal Cell Study Group, held from 4-7 April in Hertfordshire. Dr Mansley’s spoke on ‘Defining corticosteroid-regulated sodium transport within the distal nephron,’ while Morag’s presentation was entitled, ‘Investigating novel transport mechanisms for aldosterone and the identification of putative corticosteroid transporters in the collecting duct of the kidney.’ ‘This was a really exciting meeting,’ says Dr Mansley. ‘There range of renal research topics coverage was vast – from unpicking signaling pathways in renal diseases to assessing novel therapeutic strategies, as well as groundbreaking methodologies in the field including intravital imagine and combining multi-omics approaches.’

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