GapSummit 2019

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Filippo Abbondanza, 1st year PhD student with Dr Silvia Paracchini is one of 100 students worldwide to be selected for the ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ programme at the GapSummit 2019 from over 1100 applications (  The event, held at the Broad Institute in Boston, is a summit with industrial leaders in the biotech/pharma industry (including several CEOs), professors and a Nobel prize winner.  At the summit Filippo will discuss and learn the current and future issues in the biotech field from both an academic and industrial perspective.  Students will also take part in a business competition focused on solving 7 current ‘gaps’ in the market – including agritech, AI and Digital Health, Bopsecurity, emerging bioeconomies and R&D productivity.  If you are interested in such opportunities or want to learn more about gapsummit, contact me! I can provide you with a short list of other events!

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