Balmullo Primary School Healthy Living Week

Wednesday 8 June 2016

During the week beginning the 30th of May a team of five from the School of Medicine led several classes at the Balmullo Primary School Healthy Living Week.

The team taught pupils ranging from Primary 2 to Primary 7.  Henry Rae and Mike Fearon ran a First Aid class where pupils found the realistic cuts and scrapes fascinating and learned how to deal with bleeding, burns and cuts.  Alun Hughes taught the pupils about how to build a skeleton and what makes our bones strong.  Alun also ran a class for the P6/7 pupils looking at how the mechanical and electrical activity of the heart enable it to act as a pump.  Rachel Davies and Emma Stewart ran a session about genetics and inherited traits – the pupils enjoyed seeing who could roll their tongues and finding out what made them unique.

Many thanks to the team:  Alun Hughes, Rachel Davies, Mike Fearon, Henry Rae and Emma Stewart.



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