There are many organisations which focus on supporting specific learning differences, whether resources for individuals or research into this important area. Some are included below – we are not directly associated with these organisations and therefore take no responsibility for content which appears on the websites.

In the Media

Genomic research that can help explain personality traits and behaviour raises ethical questions

12 April 2022

Increasingly cheap and powerful technology means genomic data can be generated at scale, allowing the investigation of the genetic basis for all sorts of traits, including our behaviour and personality.  Read full artical on Scotsman News Site.

The Genetics of Dyslexia | Specific Learning Disorders, Scotland

13 Jan 2022

In this episode of Dyslexia News Darren chats to Dr Silvia Paracchini & Dr Michelle Luciano following on from their project ‘Specific Learning Disorders in Scotland’ receiving a £10,000 funding boost from the Royal Society of Edinburgh. We delve into the genetics behind dyslexia and the different ways that the learning difference effects people including the impact interests and personality traits have on dyslexia.


Nature v Nurture

The question of whether it is genes or environment that largely shapes human behaviour has been debated for centuries. During the second half of the 20th century, there were two camps of scientists – each believing that nature or nurture, respectively, was exclusively at play.  Read full nature verus nurture article.