Remote Primary Eye Care Training in Southern Tanzania

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Strengthening primary eye care in underserved rural regions

In collaboration with the German committee for the Prevention of Blindness, the Rukwa Regional Government of Tanzania and the Catholic Church in Sumbawanga Diocese the Arclight Project team has been delivering remote online teaching to a range of health care workers at the Dr Atiman Hospital in Sumbawanga, Tanzania.

A three-year reflection on the Prevention of avoidable blindness project in Rukwa Region, Tanzania

The participants in Tanzania who included nurses, clinical officers and doctors were equipped with Arclights and SIMulation eyes. Over Zoom they were trained and assessed by the Arclight project team members Dr Martin Anderson and Andrew Blaikie on how to test visual acuity, examine the anterior segment as well as perform retinal reflection test and observe optic nerves.

This approach highlights how the challenges of travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic can be overcome and still allow high quality education to be provided in collaboration with local bilingual teachers.

The team aims to repeat this training in the neighbouring region of Katavi in Spring 2021.

Eyecare education in times of COVID-19