Interprofessional Arclight Workshop for Healthcare Students in Rwanda

Promoting Collaborative Practice in Eye Health

Preventable and treatable visual impairment affects more than 1 billion people worldwide.  Around one third of this demand could be addressed through a more integrated and collaborative approach. In 2019 we piloted Interprofessional workshops with ophthalmic clinical officer, medical clinical officer, nursing and medical students from the University of Rwanda. The aim was to promote collaborative practice by teaching students how to assess and recognise common eye conditions using the Arclight ophthalmoscope and simulation tools. The Arclight is a low cost, solar powered, portable ophthalmoscope and anterior segment loupe designed for use in low resource settings.

The video below illustrates how we delivered the teaching and the benefits to the students.


This study was funded by the Global Challenges Research Funding awarded by the Scottish Funding Council.