TWENDE Knowledge Translation

Monday 24 October 2016

The TWENDE Knowledge Translation (KT) training recently began at the School of Medicine University of St. Andrews.  Our theme is, ‘To be useful to society, research knowledge must be translated into policy and practice’.  Dr. Ewan Chirnside of the University of St. Andrews is leading the training and we are excited to have KT representatives from  Kenya and Tanzania.  We are also happy to be joined by Mrs. Khadija Bah-Wakefield, an anthropologist and former World bank, UN and WHO expat, who was part of the WHO team that responded to the recent Ebola epidemic in West Africa.  After the first session of KT training, Khadija said, ‘this is exactly what I want to do, to translate my anthropological research into policy and practice of public health and clinical medicine’.  Our representatives from Kenya and Tanzania also said, ‘we are determined to see knowledge translation become part of the main agenda of our institutions’.

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