The World Rural Health Conference 2022 (“Rural Wonca”)

Wednesday 13 October 2021

The World Rural Health Conference 2022 (“Rural Wonca”) will be hosted jointly by the University of Limerick, Irish College of General Practice and the Irish Rural, Island and Dispensing Doctors of Ireland from 17th-20th June 2022.   Dr. Robert Scully (Deputy Director, ScotGEM), has been invited to join the main organising committee, with responsibility for students and early career healthcare professionals.  He has been joined on the student sub-committee by ScotGEM Y3 student Ronald MacDonald.  This is the premier global rural health conference, and is expected to attract over 1000 delegates.   


Having supported the initial bid, ScotGEM are official partners for this conference, and as it commences the day after the first ScotGEM graduation, it is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the graduating Charter ScotGEM class.  As part of this celebration, Professor Roger Strasser (St Andrews Global Fellowship recipient 21/22) will attend the ScotGEM graduation and then travel to Limerick to deliver a keynote address regarding the role of undergraduate medical education on future healthcare delivery in rural areas.  


The conference will officially launch on October 13th.  For more information please see the conference website or contact Robert Scully directly.  


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