The BIG STEM Event

Wednesday 24 July 2019

The BIG STEM conference took place in Dynamic earth on the 17th, 18th and 19th of July.  Henry Rae (Medicine) and Alina loth (Public Engagement) were speakers.  The BIG Event is a three day get-together every summer to share skills and experiences, develop professional links and keep up-to-date with the STEM engagement field.  This is the place to hone your skills and recharge your professional batteries, pick up great ideas and show off your talents to peers.
It provides an unmissable opportunity to squeeze the skills and ideas out of all the STEM engagement people you can in a short space of time.  Henry took part in the 3 minute demonstration event where he tested a volunteers reaction time, then retested their reaction time while counting out loud from 100 backwards in multiples of seven to a large crowd, proving reaction time is adversely affected with a distraction.  In real life this shows using a phone while driving is NOT a good idea.
Henry attended ‘Understanding Exhibit Design’, Explain it to the Explainers, Reduce Recycle, Budget Scicom, Speed Dating (Science communications), Neuropsychology in Practice, Taking the plunge (Into PE), Fan-tastic experiments.  These were extremely useful sessions and techniques and equipment used in the sessions will be used in the future.

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