Explorathon 2018

Wednesday 3 October 2018

The Neurogenetics group took part to EXPLORATHON 2018 during the European Researchers Night.  The group, led by Dr Silvia Paracchini, included Dr Rebeca Diaz, Angela Martinelli, Filippo Abbondanza and Arathi Jeyaratnam and presented for the first time a project funded by the Royal Society. In collaboration with Dr Miguel Nacenta and Gergely Flamich in the School of Computer Science, the team developed a digital tool to measure a handedness scores.  Visitors at the event, which took place at the Dundee Science Centre, got their handedness measured. Individual scored were printed on a stickers while data were collected and visualized in real time on a monitor.  The team was busy all day delivering the activity and discussing many aspects of the research behind the project.

The project was funded the Royal Society through a newly established public engagement initiative.


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