See Government Revenue and Rights for a recent summary

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Use as evidence for submissions to human rights committees 

  • The GRADE was used by the Tax and Education Alliance, The Tax Justice Network, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, Action Aid, and the Global Campaign for Education and Education International for submission to the Independent Expert on Foreign Debt – Click to view the submission.

These interventions resulted in the UNCRC requesting Ireland to review its tax policies to ensure they do not negatively impact children’s rights overseas. See the press release here 

 The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child have requested Ireland to:

“Ensure that tax policies do not contribute to tax abuse by companies operating
in other countries, leading to a negative impact on the availability of resources for the
realization of children’s rights in those countries.” 

The Irish Times reported on the UN’s decision to examine whether Irish tax policy harms the rights of children overseas and that Irish tax policy is now a human rights issue for the UN

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