Heart for lungs – community-partners Kelty Hearts FC declared Lowland League champions

Thursday 16 April 2020


Kelty Hearts FC, involved in research at the Population and Behavioural Sciences division, has been declared this season’s champion club by the Scottish Lowland Football League.

Supporters of the football club are part of discussions on the best way to roll out a test to detect lung cancer early.  This is part of the Chief Scientist Office funded COBELT Co-Design study, led by Dr Mara van Beusekom.  The aim is to make the test as accessible as possible, so that it reaches all people who could benefit.

“The commitment that is put in by players, coaches and other behind the scenes is truly remarkable to observe and achieves results”, comments club doctor Neil Arnott on the club’s new champion status. “The power of football to effect change for good in the community is considerable.  Through the tough times a unity of purpose along with humour and camaraderie is far reaching and fosters an increased community resilience.’’

The COBELT work builds on the ECLS trial, which found that an antibody test was helpful to detect lung-cancer at an early stage. At the moment, lung cancer is often detected at later stages, when it is difficult to treat. Early-detection helps to detect lung cancer at an early stage, improving chances of successful treatment and survival.


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