Dr Blaikie presents at visual impairment training course

Friday 1 December 2023

Dr Andrew Blaikie, Senior Lecturer in the School of Medicine and the Clinical Lead for the CVI-SIM Project, delivered a presentation at the annual training course of the Visual Impairment Network for Children & Young People (VINCYP). This event, aimed at Allied Health Professionals, was held at Perth Royal Infirmary on 28 November.

His presentation centred on the latest advancements in the CVI-SIM project, a collaborative effort involving the Schools of Medicine and Computer Science, eye care NGO CVI-Scotland, and the Smart History team. CVI-SIM, which stands for Cerebral Visual Impairment Simulation, is focused on developing virtual reality simulations to replicate the visual experiences of individuals affected by CVI.

Dr Blaikie also discussed the most recent findings from the VINCYP national dataset, which comprises data on children with visual impairments in Scotland. Supported by funding from a Scottish Government-managed clinical network, he has been instrumental in the creation of this dataset since 2015. One of the key points Dr Blaikie highlighted was that in Scotland, the brain is the most frequent site of vision impairment in children. This underscores the importance of understanding CVI for all professionals involved in providing care and support to these children.

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