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Molecular diagnostics

Our research focuses on developing new diagnostic tools for microbiology. We have developed SLIC- a device which can test for the presence of bacteria in 10 minutes and thereafter for resistance in 30 minutes. MBLA is an assay originally specifically for TB infection but now being broadened to encompass a wider range of pathogens and can be used to detect infections and monitor the effectives of antibiotic treatment in patients over time and improve outcomes.

Principal Investigators


Prof Stephen Gillespie


Dr Robert Hammond



Dr Wilber Sabiiti

Principal Research Fellow

Projects of Interest

We are a leading developer of RNA-based real-time assays that detect and quantify live bacteria and monitor treatment of tuberculosis, non-tuberculosis mycobacterial infections and infectious causes of COPD exacerbation. Please follow the link to order Research Use Only kits.

The Scattered Light Integrating Collector is a highly sensitive bacterial detection device that allows rapid antimicrobial sensitivity testing in <30 minutes. It is a point of care device for human and animal health markets with myriad other applications in drug screening and contamination detection, for example.