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What is a clinical tutor?

A clinical tutor is regarded as an individual with a background in healthcare and clinical practice who is also involved in medical students’ learning.

Our clinical tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds. St Andrews’ medical students benefit from a wealth of experience from primary and secondary care physicians, some primarily practice based and those who have now retired from clinical practice.

We recognise that healthcare critically relies on effective interprofessional working and a range of other health care professionals are also involved in the undergraduate program at St Andrews. We have members of staff from the nursing and pharmacy professions leading in house and clinically based teaching.

What is a GCM?

The role of Generalist Clinical Mentor (GCM) was developed specifically for the ScotGEM program when it launched in 2018. GCMs are practising GPs who work closely with a small group of GCM students over a semester. One day a week the students are with them in their practice, allowing the opportunity for students to get to know the healthcare team, and to have valuable clinical encounters with patients . GCMs also deliver clinical skills teaching one day a week to ScotGEM students within the medical school.


For further information, please contact Dr Robert Scully, lead GCM.

Do I need experience?

Alongside a passion for providing excellent care to patients, enthusiasm and an interest in education and learning is possibly the most important attribute for all clinical staff. GCMs are required to be practising General Practitioners.

What would the commitment be?

This varies greatly depending on your role. Clinical tutors often work on a regular basis for us, for example spending one day during each semester at a GP practice or community hospital with a small group of second year students.  Some tutors may be involved on a more ad hoc basis in the delivery of communication skills sessions or OSCE examining.  


How do I find out more?

To find out more about current, opportunities to become involved as clinical tutors please email informal enquiries to [email protected] For more information about ScotGEM and GCM posts please contact Dr Robert Scully

For more information about the medical school please visit

Full and part time teaching posts based within the medical school are advertised on the University’s recruitment page