Code Clinic

Drop-in Code Clinic

Drop-in Code Clinic

Welcome to the Bioinformatics and Health Data Science drop-in code clinic!

Dive into the world of Bioinformatics and Health data analytics with our tailored code clinic designed specifically for aspiring and seasoned Health Data Scientists. Here, we bridge the gap between medical insights and computational prowess, ensuring you harness the full potential of your data. Our lab encompasses four pivotal programming languages:

Bash: Streamline your data processing tasks, automate workflows, and manage datasets with the power of the Unix shell.

R: Delve deep into statistical analyses, create compelling visualizations, and interpret complex health data patterns with this data science staple.

Python: From machine learning models to data wrangling, Python’s vast libraries and frameworks will empower you to tackle any health data challenge.

SQL: Query, manipulate, and retrieve data from relational databases, ensuring you can access and analyze every bit of health information efficiently.

Explore the advantages of using an HPC environment for demanding tasks that strain CPU and RAM, situations where typical desktop PCs simply can’t keep up.

Whether you’re predicting disease outbreaks, analyzing patient outcomes, or uncovering hidden trends in vast medical datasets, our code lab provides the tools and guidance you need. Join us in this journey to transform healthcare, one line of code at a time. 

Welcome aboard! Weekly on Wednesdays @10:00-11:00AM at the School of Medicine (level-2 meeting room #223).