Poems for doctors

Online Poetry Slam


Welcome to the 2019 ‘Poems for Doctors’ online poetry slam!

On this page you’ll find readings of poems by competition entrants – please listen and enjoy these performances.

The online vote happened via a poll on our Facebook page. Voting is now closed.

The competition winner and runner up were decided by combining the Facebook poll with our judges scores (points will be awarded for both poem and performance).

Competition winners.

Taking Blood

Alex Clark


Rania Fernandes

A Neuron’s Plea for Help

Lydia Jones

How do you make a junior doctor?

Roddy McLeod

The colour of milk

Sarah Moin

The Blood We Take

Alan Muhyaldeen

All I Have Is Words

Hidhir Mohamed Nasir

Remember Me

Armin Nazari

My Voice

Lynden Guy Nicely

Read by: computer

\ am-pye-‘tē \

Kirsten Pillatt

Flexor digitorum

Rumaisa Zubairi


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