St Andrews and the UKFP Applicants Handbook 2020

Monday 17 June 2019

Important update – clarification of University of St Andrews BSc Medicine and UKFPO scores

The School of Medicine has received the following communication from the UKFPO this afternoon (17 June), confirming that the UKFP Applicant’s Handbook 2019 is incorrect, and that points WILL continue to be awarded for the St Andrews BSc in Medicine.


“The UK Foundation Programme 2020 Applicant’s Handbook includes the following statement on page 15 under ‘Additional Degrees’:

“Medicine BSc

“The BSc course in medicine awarded by the University of St Andrews forms the first part of the MBChB / MBBS course awarded by partner universities. Points will not be awarded for this BSc Honours degree.

“This is not correct and has been included in error. The UK FPO can confirm that points will be awarded for the BSc in Medicine at the University of St Andrews, as in previous years. I apologise for any anxiety, upset or confusion caused by this error.”

Dr Tom Yapp

Chair, Recruitment Delivery Group

Special Advisor on Recruitment to the UK FPO”


The University of St Andrews will continue to liaise with the UKFPO on how the incorrect statement came to be published. I trust that meantime, all our students and graduates from the School of Medicine can be reassured about the status of the BSc and the award of points within the UK Foundation process.

David Crossman

Dean of Medicine

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