School of Medicine receives an Athena Swan Silver Award

Friday 17 March 2023

The School of Medicine is delighted to announce our receipt of an Athena Swan Silver Award. This follows our 2015 achievement of a Bronze Award, reflecting our improved performance in promoting the principles of the Athena Swan Charter. The award recognises our commitment to gender equality and marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to foster an inclusive School environment.

Reflecting on the news, School Director of Inclusion Dr John Winpenny said: ‘As Director of Inclusion for the School, I am delighted that Athena Swan (AS) have recognised the gender equality work that the School has done and continues to do with an Athena Swan Silver Award. We become the fourth School in the University to achieve an AS Silver award. The award will cover the five-year period, 2023-2028.

‘I now look forward to working with the Inclusion Committee and other colleagues in the School to enact our Athena Swan five-year Action Plan.

‘I am grateful to India Pinker, Dr Jane Illes and the central EDI team (Karen McGregor, Kathryn Herschell, and James Law) for all their help and advice in putting the School’s application together and for the support of Professor Crossman, Dean of the Medical School.’

In a message to staff, Dean of Medicine Professor David Crossman said: ‘This is a wonderful achievement. It is externally validated evidence of the changes and efforts all have made in the School around issues of gender and gender equality. I know we all share ambitions in this important area and as a result have driven change but it is nonetheless very good to have external validation of what we are all doing and our efforts. Well done to you all!’

A copy of the School’s full Athena Swan Silver application (with redactions) be made available on this page in the coming days.


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