New St. Andrews PhD graduate finds a future in antimicrobial research

Tuesday 29 June 2021
Kerry Falconer presenting her poster at a conference
Kerry presenting one of her posters at a conference


It’s graduation season at St. Andrews and a new batch of PhD students are finally crossing the “finish line”.  Among those is Kerry Falconer, a PhD student from the Infection and Global Health division. 


Kerry started at St. Andrews in 2015 pursuing a master’s in research medicine where she studied in the area of molecular microbiology.  After finishing her master’s, Kerry worked as a research assistant for a year with the Infection and Global Health Division to detect antimicrobial resistant infections.  This involved working with local hospitals and inspired her to embark on her PhD on bloodstream infections in 2017.  


Kerry reflects fondly on her time at St. Andrews and will miss the people, the community and friendships she formed during her time here.  As for her next steps, Kerry is currently working at the University of Dundee as a post-doctoral research assistant studying antimicrobial resistant outbreaks using whole genome sequencing. 

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