Meet the newest NES GP Fellow: Eilish Hannah

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Eilish Hannah, a GP currently practising in Edinburgh, is also joining the St. Andrews School of Medicine as an NES GP Fellow.  


Eilish is no stranger to St. Andrews as she initially trained at the School of Medicine before moving to Manchester to complete her studies before returning to St. Andrews in 2017-18 as a medical demonstrator. Eilish decided to embark on this NES GP Fellowship after finding an interest in research looking at the determinants of health in low-income countries. Global Health has always been an area of interest for Eilish as she found the intersection of politics and economics in medicine compelling and was encouraged to pursue her research interests during her GP training from fellow practitioners.  


Over the next year, Eilish plans to spend her NES GP Fellowship deepening her research experience, doing some more teaching, developing publications, and spending more time in St. Andrews. For Eilish, this NES GP Fellowship will hopefully build knowledge that she can bring back to her GP practice and hopes to continue developing in this area of research as a special interest, and maybe one day towards a future PhD.  


Over the next year, the two newest NES GP Fellows will bring their knowledge and expertise to the St. Andrews School of Medicine.  


Dr Eilish Hannah


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