Mackenzie Institute hosts first of Innovate UK KTN events across the University

Wednesday 15 February 2023

On February 6th, 2023, the Mackenzie Institute welcomed approximately 60 attendees to the Entrepreneurship Centre from a diverse range of industries and St. Andrews colleagues to promote the Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme. The event was held to facilitate connections and idea sharing between academics and industries, providing an opportunity for participants to explore new collaborations and partnerships.

The attendees included representatives from leading companies such as Canon MRE, Scottish Life Sciences Association, Oxford Cancer Analytics, Cellexus Ltd and our very own SLIC and Arclight Project. Companies were keen to participate in the event and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the KTP Scheme to drive innovation and growth in their respective industries.

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions and hear from industry experts about their research, previous experience of the KTP scheme and challenges in their fields. Participants shared their ideas, experiences, and insights with each other, and explored potential collaborations and partnerships with some unexpected collaborations being sparked by the ‘speed networking’ session held in the afternoon.

The Mackenzie Institute are grateful for the strong turnout, with representatives of the schools of Medicine, Biology, Computer Science, Modern Languages, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology and others in attendance. The KTP scheme provides opportunities for innovation and growth in the UK, and events like this provide a platform for industry and academic leaders to come together, exchange ideas, and build relationships.

In conclusion, the event was a success and the Mackenzie Institute looks forward to hosting similar events in the future. We would also like to thank Jayshree Johnstone and Adeel Shafi from the Business Development Team for all their help in organising the event. The next KTP event will be taking place on Wednesday 15th March 2023 at The Gateway Building, where the Business Development team will be joined by Serena Broadway from the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Judy Brown from East of Scotland KTP Centre and Shelley Breckenridge from Interface. The event will include an opportunity to learn about developing research and creating impact through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) with industry and not for profit/third sector organisations. The session will provide information on support available on how to shape successful applications, as well as provide an overview of other funding schemes at national, regional, and local level to support collaboration with industry. Further information on the KTP Programme and details of future events can be obtained by emailing [email protected] or Jayshree Johnstone on [email protected]

Prof Peter Donnelly introducing the session to participants
Professor Peter Donnelly introducing the KTP day events

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