First prize for best research paper at Scottish Ophthalmological Club

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Dr Obaid Kousha, SCREDS Clinical Lecturer at the School of Medicine,  won first prize for best research paper at the Scottish Ophthalmological Club.  The paper was on the Frugal retinal laser simulation eye he has developed.  Retinal lasering is used to treat blinding eye conditions such as diabetic eye disease.  The procedure is a potentially hazardous, therefore simulation-based training is ideal in order to learn the skill in a safe and controlled environment.  However, most simulation tools are too expensive for those training in low resource settings where the need is greatest.  Dr Kousha and the Arclight team have developed a low-cost simulation eye adapted for retinal laser training and assessment.  The ‘eye’ costs £4 but it has a paper retina that the user can re-print as needed.  It has been validated by experts as a teaching tool and presented in Scottish Ophthalmology Club Spring meeting 2022 where it won the prize for the best paper presentation.


Dr Obaid Kousha

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