Firbush Scietific Retreat

Friday 15 September 2017

Recently Angela Martinelli, future PhD student in Paracchini’s research group, had the opportunity to join Firbush Scientific Retreat and gave a short presentation about her project.  The event, organized every year by the BSRC (, is an excellent way to speak about science in a relaxed environment, surrounded by the beautiful Scottish landscape.

“Joining Firbush was a fantastic experience, I really enjoyed it” said Angela. “It was a great occasion to meet people from different research areas, present my work, share lab experiences and hear about career opportunities. Firbush outdoor centre (, set on the shore of Loch Tay, is the perfect location to socialize, share knowledge, practice sport activities and have fun! To all the members of the BSRC and in particular to the new PhD students I strongly recommend to take part in this adventure!”

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