Dundee Science Festival – Air Street

Thursday 11 October 2018

Amy Dorward (Pitt Research group) took part in the Dundee Science festival 7th October 2018.  She volunteered at the British Heart Foundation’s “Air Street”.  The exhibit focussed on the silent harmful effects air pollution has on the cardiovascular system.  Visitors walked ‘outside’ along “BHF Air Street” – where posters outlined the main links of pollution and cardiovascular disease – before coming ‘inside’ to the “BHF sitting room” – where they learned more about the research being carried out by the BHF in their local area.  Visitors were also given the opportunity to look at diseased and healthy heart cell cells under the microscope, measure their own heart rates and learn about how the heart works through a variety of activities.  Amy really enjoyed volunteering at the festival and she is grateful to have had the opportunity to talk about some of the cardiovascular research being carried out in University of St Andrews.


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