Dr Calum McHale elected as Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Dr Calum McHale, a post-doc research fellow in the School of Medicine has been recognised as an Associate Fellow by the British Psychological Society. This election comes as recognition for McHale’s contribution to psychology knowledge and the advancement of the field in a professional position. 


Calum is a health psychologist with a research focus in health care communication and intervention development. His focus is within the area of communication analysis and how communication works in the health care environment and how to translate that into interventions. For Calum, this accreditation is a reminder of the time he has committed to the profession and believes that it will help to open doors for future research opportunities. 


Currently, Calum is involved in continuing research to understand the fear of cancer recurrence in breast cancer patients after completing their cancer treatment. After this election, Calum looks forward to continuing research in the area of health communication to better understand how people’s behaviours in the healthcare environment can influence outcomes for patients. 


Dr Calum McHAle
Dr Calum McHale

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