Covid-19 – Ask the experts

Monday 20 April 2020

During April and May 2020, ‘three ask the expert’ sessions were held for staff to answer their queries on Covid-19. These were introduced by Prof Stephen Gethins. The panel included Prof Stephen Gillespie and Dr Devesh Dhasmana from the division of Infection and Global Health in the School of Medicine and Janey Watt from Environmental Health and Safety Services

Dr Dhasmana

Dr Dhasmana responded to queries around treatments for the virus, and why the NHS isn’t using treatments being used elsewhere. Professor Gillespie addressed questions on lockdown and how long it will last and compared the various coronaviruses, specifically Covid-19 with SARS and MERS. Janey Watt addressed anxieties around PPE, and in particular face masks, how the University is keeping essential staff safe, and what Occupational Health offers to support mental wellbeing.

Professor Gillespie

The panel also shared information on what asthmatics need to know to protect themselves and fielded live questions on obesity as a high risk factor for Covid-19; the risks to staff members who have to administer emergency first aid; how long the virus lives on surfaces and what you need to do to eliminate it; and why the UK has one of the highest reported death rates.


Source: In the Loop, Issue 391

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