Challenging interventions – engaging with an obese society

Monday 15 June 2015

2015-06-07 11 35 42[1]Delegates from across the globe recently attended the ISBNPA Satellite Meeting ‘Challenging interventions – engaging with an obese society’ held in St Andrews on 8th June and co-organised by Dr Jo Cecil (St Andrews) and Prof Annie Anderson (Dundee).  In all areas of nutrition and physical activity interventions, researchers are faced with engaging children and adults with excess body weight (even when weight management is not a study outcome).


Behavioural interventions must take account of energy needs, physical abilities and disabilities and researchers need to optimise communications which engage but do not enrage.


This meeting offered a range of interactive sessions using video feedback, work-share structured discussions and a designer lead approach to creative opportunities for increasing awareness and action around physical activity and diet for weight management and maintenance.  Presentations included recent work on new visual tools for assessing unhealthy body weight in children, effective communications and brief interventions.  Meeting details can be viewed at:


see here for further details
contact: Dr Jo Cecil


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