Academics go Wild!

Thursday 16 May 2019

On the afternoon of Friday 10th of May Henry Rae (Environmental Facilitator, School of Medicine), Alina Loth (Public Engagement), Claire Lacey and Eilidh Siegal (School of Biology) delivered an Academics go Wild session at Edinburgh Zoo.  Claire and Eilidh delivered interactive sessions on whales and plastic pollution and Henry delivered an interactive session on why single use plastics are bad and carried out demonstrations on recycling of plastics.  Each child left with a milk bottle toy, fridge magnet or drawer handles in the shape of dinosaurs, robots or space ships.

To demonstrate what could be done with just the milk bottles Henry had made some items for the labs and showed them to the participants.  Micro tube holders, screwdriver bit organiser and an auto pipette rack.  This sparked the creative imagination of the participants, people left wanting to make things for themselves from plastic items.  Over 75 people took part in this very enjoyable event.


‘Academics go wild’ is an interactive and hands-on table-top opportunity suitable for all career stages and disciplines. Sessions take place on Friday afternoons throughout the year and all participants receive support for activity development and delivery.

Please get in contact with the project officer, Alina Loth ([email protected]), for more information on Academics Go Wild


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