University of St Andrews

Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis

Leadership Group

Andrew Blaikie

Dr Andrew Blaikie

Lead Digital Diagnostics and Emerging Technologies

Samantha Pitt

Dr Samantha Pitt

Lead Discovery of Novel Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis

Kishan Dholakia

Professor Carlos Penedo

Lead Biophotonics in Early Diagnosis

Colin McCowan

Professor Colin McCowan

Lead Health Data Research

External Advisory Group

Carl Heneghan

Professor Carl Heneghan

Professor of Evidence-based Medicine, University of Oxford

Tom Fahey

Professor Tom Fahey

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Department of General Practice

Sarah Bohndiek

Dr Sarah Bohndiek

Group Leader at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Reader in Biomedical Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory

Jeremy Wyatt

Prof Jeremy C Wyatt

Fellow of American College of Medical Informatics & UK Faculty of Clinical Informatics

Management Group