This year long project was funded by the Scottish Government and the Drug Deaths Task Force to identify approaches to deliver the MAT standards via a digital approach. We conducted a series of activities, culminating in a consensus based guidance for implementation and practice of telemedicine Delivered Medications for Opioid Use Disorder. These activities included a well received 
and attended international webinar on the implementation of TMOUD in Canada, the USA, Scotland and England. The recordings for which can be found on our website. The project is further subdivided according to specific outputs.
  1. Output one: Key implementation factors in telemedicine-delivered medications for opioid use disorder : A scoping review informed by normalisation process theory.
  2. Output 2: Best practice guidance for TMOUD implementation.
  3. Output 3: International cross-case comparison of TMOUD implementation including Australia, USA, Spain, Scotland and India
  4. Output 4: A community of practice for TMOUD delivery