DigitAS Team on the 2nd of March, 2021, ran a well-received and attended international webinar on the implementation of Medication Assited Therapy (MAT) for OUD in Canada, the USA, Scotland and England.

Bellow are the video recordings of the seminar talks. Please watch the Introductory video by Dr Joe Tay for further information about the event and its link to DigitAS MAT.

Other speakers were:
Talk 1 Tracey Clusker: Drug Deaths Task Force: Medication Assisted Treatment Standards
Talk 2 Nathaniel Day: Virtual Opioid Dependency Program (Canada)
Talk 3 Fred Rottnek: Assisted Recovery Centers of America (USA)
Talk 4 Natasha Bansley & Sarah Elliott: Delivering non-opioid MAT via telehealth (Canada)
Talk 5 Garret McGovern: Providing MAT virtually (Ireland)
Talk 6 Sarah Mark: Setting up virtual MAT delivery during a pandemic (Canada)
Talk 7 Clare Morrison & Roz Gittins: Pharmacy implications of MAT delivery through telehealth (Scotland, England)
Talk 8 Soraya Mayet: Telemedicine in Addictions Feasibility RCT (England)
Talk 9 Paul Perry: A systems approach to telehealth implementation (Scotland)

All speakers have provided written permissions for they videos to be publically shared.