BSc Hons Medicine

St Andrews offers an integrated curriculum within a strong clinical context. In addition to exploring the foundations of medical science it encourages the development of the professional attitudes, ethical understanding and decision making skills required by ‘Tomorrows Doctors’.

The curriculum addresses the following core principles:

  • COMPETENCE – understanding of the scientific basis of medicine
  • PROFESSIONALISM – development of clinical skills, personal values and ethical awareness
  • REFLECTION – monitoring self awareness and decision-making through the completion of a Portfolio
  • INDEPENDENCE – encouragement of self-directed learning

There is a formally taught knowledge stream supported by self-directed learning elements designed to encourage the application of medical sciences to clinical problems. A major component of the clinical context will be provided by a customised series of patient–based tutorials running throughout the entire course. Clinical experience will be offered in the form of patient contact through primary care initiatives, local family interviews and GP attachments. There will be a programme of clinical skills training throughout the course.


Why medicine at St Andrews?


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Curriculum Map

Year 1

The first year of the programme constitutes the Pre-Honours component of the degree where students take modules, Foundations of Medicine 1 and 2, which emphasize the interrelationships between the preclinical sciences.

Year 2

The Honours programme focuses in detail upon the normal function and dysfunction of specific physiological and psychological systems.

Year 3

Semester 1 of third year deals with the most complex integrative physiological systems (Central nervous system (CNS) and Endocrines). During the final semester of this year there will be a major student–selected component (e.g. research project or a series of Honours-level special study modules).

Partner Institutions

Graduates of the BSc Hons Medicine can progress on to one of our partner medical schools to complete their training as a doctor. Further information about the transition to a partner institution is given within the Partner Medical Schools tab on the Why St Andrews page.