AS_RGB_Bronze-AwardSCALE (Strategy for Changing Academic Life Environment) is an initiative designed to make the School of Medicine a flourishing working environment where all staff (academic, administrative and technical) and students reach their full potential.
Read the Athena Swan application document here.
A key part of our work in SCALE work involves applying for Athena SWAN awards to help advance women’s careers in science.

This work includes a review of School policies, and widespread consultation with everyone working within the school. In addition to a general working group, we have five task forces focussed on a range of topics:

Task force 1

Work/Life Balance, and School ethos

Work-Life balance

Task force 2

Appraisal and Promotion



Task force 3

Task force 4

CPD and mentoring

Personal development


Task force 5

Celebrating achievement and promoting SCALE

Task Force 1

Work / Life balance

Task Force 5

Promoting SCALE, Athena Swan / Celebrating Achievement

Task Force 2

Promotion, Appraisal and Professional Development

Task Force 6

Nurture, Inclusion, Community & Equality (NICE)

Task Force 3

Induction / Return to work

Task Force 7


Task Force 4


Task Force 8


SCALE Infographic