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Genome-scale CRISPR/Cas9 screen determines factors modulating sensitivity to ProTide NUC-1031 In Hwa Um, Tsz Huen Chan, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison, Paul Andrew Reynolds
Scientific Reports 2019 vol.9 
A signaling visualization toolkit to support rational design of combination therapies and biomarker discovery James L Brown, Mark Shovman, Paul Robertson, Andrei Boiko, Alexey Goltsov, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison
Oncotarget 2017 vol.8 pp.29657-29667
Inhibition of pH regulation as a therapeutic strategy in hypoxic human breast cancer cells James Meehan, Carol Ward, Arran Turnbull, Jimi Bukowski-Wills, Andrew Finch, Edward J. Jarman, Chrysi Xintaropoulou, Carlos Martinez-Perez, Mark Gray, Matthew Pearson, Peter Mullen, Claudia T. Supuran, Fabrizio Carta, David James Harrison, Ian H. Kunkler, Simon Langdon
Oncotarget 2017 vol.8 pp.42857-42875
Overcoming intratumoural heterogeneity for reproducible molecular risk stratification Alexander L. R. Lubbock, Grant D. Stewart, Fiach C. O'Mahoney, Alexander Laird, Peter Mullen, Marie O'Donnell, Thomas Powles, David James Harrison, Ian M. Overton
BMC Medicine 2017 vol.15 
Antitumour activity of the novel flavonoid oncamex in preclinical breast cancer models Carlos Martínez-Pérez, Carol Ward, Arran K Turnbull, Peter Mullen, Graham Cook, James Meehan, Edward J Jarman, Patrick I T Thomson, Colin J Campbell, Donald McPhail, David James Harrison, Simon P Langdon
British Journal of Cancer 2016 vol.114 pp.905-916
Total synthesis of dehaloperophoramidine using a highly diastereoselective Hosomi-Sakurai reaction Christopher Stuart Lancefield, Edward Frank Makiyi, Emma Tuner, Stephen Ojo, Alexandra Martha Zoya Slawin, Tomas Lebl, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison, Chris M Ireland, Nicholas James Westwood
Chemical Communications 2016 vol.52 pp.10747-10750
Evaluation of carbonic anhydrase IX as a therapeutic target for inhibition of breast cancer invasion and metastasis using a series of in vitro breast cancer models Carol Ward, James Meehan, Peter Mullen, Claudiu Supuran, J. Michael Dixon, Jeremy S. Thomas, Jean-Yves Winum, Philippe Lambin, Ludwig Dubois, Nanda-Kumar Pavathaneni, Edward J. Jarman, Lorna Renshaw, In Hwa Um, Charlene Kay, David James Harrison, Ian H. Kunkler, Simon P. Langdon
Oncotarget 2015 vol.6 pp.24865-24870
Human urinary exosomes in bladder cancer patients Andrew Clive Riches, Simon John Powis, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison, Christian Hacker, John Milton Lucocq, James Simeon Bowness, Alex Chapman, Ruth Cameron, Liz McLornan, David John Chinn, Steve Leung
Bladder 2015 vol.2 
Sunitinib treatment exacerbates intratumoral heterogeneity in metastatic renal cancer Grant D Stewart, Fiach O'Mahony, Alexander Laird, Lel Eory, Alexander Lubbock, Alan Mackay, Jyoti Nanda, Marie O'Donnell, Peter Mullen, Alan McNeill, Antony Riddick, Daniel Berney, Axel Bex, Michael Aitchison, Ian M Overton, David James Harrison, Thomas Powles
Clinical Cancer Research 2015 vol.In press 
The role of HDAC2 in chromatin remodelling and response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer Rui Huang, Simon P. Langdon, Matthew Tse, Peter Mullen, In Hwa Um, Dana Faratian, David James Harrison
Oncotarget 2015 vol.7 pp.4695-4711
Carbonic anhydrase 9 expression increases with vascular endothelial growth factor-targeted therapy and is predictive of outcome in metastatic clear cell renal cancer Grant D. Stewart, Fiach C. O'Mahony, Alexander Laird, Sukaina Rashid, Sarah A. Martin, Lel Eory, Alexander L. R. Lubbock, Jyoti Nanda, Marie O'Donnell, Alan Mackay, Peter Mullen, S. Alan McNeill, Antony C. P. Riddick, Michael Aitchison, Daniel Berney, Axel Bex, Ian M. Overton, David James Harrison, Thomas Powles
European Urology 2014 vol.66 pp.956-963
Novel flavonoids as anti-cancer agents: mechanisms of action and promise for their potential application in breast cancer. C Martinez-Perez, Carol Ward, Peter Mullen, McPhail D, David James Harrison, Simon Langdon
Biochemical Society Transactions 2014 vol.42 pp.1017-1023
The effect of sunitinib on biomarkers and tumor heterogeneity in metastatic clear cell renal cancer. Grant Stewart, Alexander Laird, Fiach O'Mahony, Lel Eory, Alexander Lubbock, Jyoti Nanda, Marie O'Donnell, Alan Mackay, Peter Mullen, Alan McNeill, Antony Riddick, Michael Aitchison, Daniel Berney, Axel Bex, Ian Overton, David James Harrison, Tom Powles
Journal of Clinical Oncology 2014 vol.32 
Characterisation of phosphorylated checkpoint kinase 1 as a poor prognostic biomarker in serous ovarian cancer K. E. Francis, Peter Mullen, In Hwa Um, C. Kay, David James Harrison, S. P. Langdon
Journal of Pathology 2013 vol.231 pp.46
Human tissue in systems medicine Peter David Caie, Klaas Schuur, Anca Oniscu, Peter Mullen, Paul Andrew Reynolds, David James Harrison
FEBS Journal 2013 vol.280 pp.5949–5956
New strategies for targeting the hypoxic tumour microenvironment in breast cancer Carol Ward, Simon P Langdon, Peter Mullen, Adrian L Harris, David James Harrison, Claudiu T Supuran, Ian Kunkler
Cancer Treatment Reviews 2013 vol.39 pp.171-179
The use of reverse phase protein arrays (RPPA) to explore protein expression variation within individual renal cell cancers Fiach C O'Mahony, Jyoti Nanda, Alexander Laird, Peter Mullen, Helen Caldwell, Ian M Overton, Lel Eory, Marie O'Donnell, Dana Faratian, Thomas Powles, David James Harrison, Grant D Stewart
Journal of Visualized Experiments 2013 
Use of reverse phase protein arrays to identify biomarkers of response to PI3K/mTOR inhibitors in ovarian cancer models G. Tashkandi, Peter Mullen, A. Goltsov, J. L. Bown, David James Harrison, S. P. Langdon
Journal of Pathology 2013 vol.231 pp.25
Diversity of matriptase expression level and function in breast cancer Arkadiusz Welman, Duncan Sproul, Peter Mullen, Morwenna Muir, Andrew R. Kinnaird, David James Harrison, Dana Faratian, Valerie G. Brunton, Margaret C. Frame
PLoS One 2012 vol.7 
Features of the reversible sensitivity-resistance transition in PI3K/PTEN/AKT signalling network after HER2 inhibition Alexey Goltsov, Dana Faratian, Simon P. Langdon, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison, James Bown
Cellular Signalling 2012 vol.24 pp.493-504
Model-based global sensitivity analysis as applied to identification of anti-cancer drug targets and biomarkers of drug resistance in the ErbB2/3 network Galina Lebedeva, Anatoly Sorokin, Dana Faratian, Peter Mullen, Alexey Goltsov, Simon P Langdon, David James Harrison, Igor Goryanin
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2012 vol.46 pp.244-258
Ureido-substituted sulfamates show potent carbonic anhydrase IX inhibitory and antiproliferative activities against breast cancer cell lines Jean-Yves Winum, Fabrizio Carta, Carol Ward, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison, Simon P. Langdon, Alessandro Cecchi, Andrea Scozzafava, Ian Kunkler, Claudiu T. Supuran
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2012 vol.22 pp.4681-4685
Phosphoprotein pathway profiling of ovarian carcinoma for the identification of potential new targets for therapy Dana Faratian, InHwa Um, Danielle S. Wilson, Peter Mullen, Simon P. Langdon, David James Harrison
European Journal of Cancer 2011 vol.47 pp.1420-1431
Sprouty 2 is an independent prognostic factor in breast cancer and may be useful in stratifying patients for trastuzumab therapy Dana Faratian, Andrew H. Sims, Peter Mullen, Charlene Kay, Inhwa Um, Simon P. Langdon, David James Harrison
PLoS One 2011 vol.6 pp.-
Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab produce changes in morphology and estrogen receptor signaling in ovarian cancer xenografts revealing new treatment strategies Dana Faratian, Annelien J. M. Zweemer, Yoko Nagumo, Andrew H. Sims, Morwenna Muir, Michael Dodds, Peter Mullen, Inhwa Um, Charlene Kay, Max Hasmann, David James Harrison, Simon P. Langdon
Clinical Cancer Research 2011 vol.17 pp.4451-4461